Obama Provides Latest Republican Jeans-Creaming-Idiocy Clip

Barack Obama is getting to be as scary as Mitt Romney when he opens his mouth. But it isn't for the same reason. Whereas Romney damages himself by being really clear: "I like to fire people", "I'm not concerned about the very poor", Barack Obama's problem is that he keeps providing openings (admittedly to Republican idiots) by not being precise in expressing himself.
Republicans the last few days have been rolling around like female cats in heat over the past week's developments.

Their mannequin candidate Mitt Romney finally got wound up and managed to flawlessly chatter a stream of the most outrageous lies, which overwhelmed a seemingly exhausted and exasperated Barack Obama in the first presidential debate.

The latest polls are showing the devastating impact of Obama's piss-poor performance, with Romney wiping out a whole year's worth of his own ineptitude with one confident display of Etch-a-Sketching.

And now, comes this week's Republican jeans-creamer and game-changer, provided once again by Barack Obama's less than perfect expression of the English language.

Following in the wake of the infamous "You didn't build that" lie of the Republicans, which falsely accused Barack Obama of being against success and individual initiative, now the GOPeepees are going crazy over this clip of Obama:

Caught once again, stating something relatively non-controversial, that people are not guaranteed success in the USA, Obama states it "inelegantly", which is to say somewhat ambiguously. There is no room for subtle or ambiguous, when Republicans are prepared to parse for political advantage pretty much any slightly socialist sounding thing coming out of Barack Obama's mouth.

When Obama said the following:

"We don't believe that anybody's entitled to success in this country", of course Obama meant there is no entitlement to (or guarantee of) success in the USA—you actually have to work for it. At the same time, Obama pointed out there is an entitlement to an opportunity to strive for success.

Did Obama express these ideas exactly that way? No, not quite. What he said could be taken, if you wish to view his statement as an affirmation of his alleged hatred of capitalism, as the President stating something that is absolutely ludicrous—that he doesn't think anybody should have success in the USA.

The stupidity of this campaign, particularly on the Republican side, is beyond measure. It is so imbecilic that a constitutional law professor, obviously used to dealing with reason and facts, is clearly growing weary of engaging in the daily street fight of sorting out the flaws in the right-wing fecal tosses.

But that is politics in 2012 USA. And Obama and his surrogates had better start hitting back a lot harder than they have so far, if they hope to keep Mitt Romney from winning this election.