Mitt Romney Admits He Is A Tool Of Arab Scholars Sponsored By The United Nations

Sounding like he had changed parties—actually to maybe the Socialist Party or the Green Party—Mitt Romney said he would be following the teachings of what he called "Arab scholars"—from the UN!—on how to tame terrorism and extremism in the Muslim world. Mitt didn't say whether he might apply the Arab doctrine to similar problems of extremism in the Republican Party.
Making his most amazing admission of the night, Mitt Romney said in the third presidential debate Monday evening, that his Middle East policy differs from that of the President mainly because Romney will be goose-stepping to the orders of Arabs working out of the United Nations.

Sounding like some story out of The Onion, but actually a fact, Romney's confession came while he was explaining his Middle East strategy, and specifically how the key to his policy—getting the Muslim world to reject extremism—could be achieved. Saying that he didn't want another Iraq or Afghanistan—even though Romney supported both those wars—and that military action of that sort was "not the right course for us", Romney then outlined what he said was the "right course".

First, Romney said, go after jihadists—basically as President Obama has been doing.

But Romney said he also wanted to "help the Muslim world", and in answer to his own question about how the US could do that, Romney said:
"A group of Arab scholars came together, organized by the UN [in a binder?] to look at how we can help the world reject these terrorists. And the answer they came up with is this:  
• One, more economic development.
• Two, better education.
• Three, gender equality.
• Four, the rule of law."
Well, cool, but can't you just hear all the targets of this "help" saying something like—physician, cure thyself—or as Jesus used to say, get that plank out of your eye, Mitt Romney, before you go trying to help your neighbor get the speck out of his.

In other words—the United States could also be greatly benefitted following the recipe for moderation and betterment Romney says he got from his Arab pals at the UN.

And, seriously Mitt, let's worry about economically developing the USA before you go tossing more taxpayer money after tons of money we've spent (or lost) trying to get people to do what we want—while we call it "helping" them.

Romney must think Muslims and Americans are just plain stupid as dirt, to buy that line of bullshit any longer. Well, OK, maybe enough Americans are still that stupid to elect Mitt Romney.

But the Islamic nations the USA has tried to "help" have ALL been too smart to believe the money offered them was for any other purpose than to build their own political power bases while making sure the USA got a big heaping helping of shaft up the ass—and deservedly so—given American arrogance.

Lastly, can you imagine President Romney bringing his four-point UN Arab-guy plan to the House of Representatives and having those Tea Party buffoons actually debate and vote on it? They'll tear him and his silly little "key" to pieces.

Like Newt and Rick (Santorum and Perry) were asking back in the GOP primaries, with ideas like these, how is Mitt Romney even a Republican at all, much less any sort of conservative?