Jack Welch Joins Anti-Obama Conspiracy Theory Freak Show

Just in time for Halloween, it's scary-goofy Jack Welch, to claim that Barack Obama, in addition to being a Socialist-Muslim-Kenyan anti-American Martian, also cooked September's job report to make it look better for the election. Jack is in the same rich-guy freak show of conspiratorial Obama haters as Donald Trump and the Koch brothers.
Rich-guy Obama haters and their nutty conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen.

Now, former General Electric head clown, Jack Welch, joins that esteemed crew that includes circus-silly-Birther Donald Trump, and the Koch brother batbrains.

Welch began an internet dustup yesterday when he tweeted the following, just after the Labor Department announced the September jobs figures (with unemployment dropping to 7.8%):

"Unbelievable jobs numbers…these Chicago guys will do anything…can't debate so change numbers."

Pretty soon the whole (right-wing dumbass portion of the) net was repeating Welch's lie, with enormous confidence, even though nobody was presenting any evidence the unemployment numbers had been cooked.

And not long after that, Welch was told to shut up and sit down by a by-partisan group of politicians, economists, and former Labor Department officials, who explained to Welch, and the nation, that what Freaky Jack was alleging was impossible to do without getting caught.

Before it was over, Jack Welch, who once was thought to know a thing or two more than a bumblebee, found himself in league with Tea Party nincompoop Alan West—and that can never be good for your reputation. Nevertheless, Jack doubled down, claiming it wasn't just a joke, but he really meant it.

In fact, anybody paying attention to the jobs reports all year, would not have been surprised by the decrease in unemployment. Each month, the revised employment numbers have generally been positive, adding many more jobs than originally reported. And that means the employment picture, while still very slow in its recovery, is definitely recovering.

The real stinger for the Obama-hating rich boys is that the President had finally managed to see the unemployment number go back down to the point where it had been when he started.

In other words, Obama's policies, and the slow healing of the economy, had finally repaired the damage suffered in his first year, after George W. Bush and the Republicans had gotten through wrecking the world's economy.

As Obama has said, there is still a lot more work to be done. But the notion that Obama's policies have made no positive difference in the employment situation in the USA is just dead wrong.

Of course, Mitt Romney ignored the jobs report, and let his rich-guy buddies do the lying for him—yesterday anyway.