Congressman Paul C Broun—Traitor To The Earth

Congressman Paul C. Broun holds up "the hoax", the climate-science-based bill Congress refused to pass, in large part because the crazed rhetoric of Broun and his ilk scared the crap out of Democrats in the Senate. So many voters agree with Broun (which is the real problem here, along with Broun being in Congress) that the weight of the political reality crushes the much more dire facts of science and the appalling failure of the nation's outdated educational system.
Let's pretend for a moment that there is a Satan, living down in Hell, and pretty pissed off about it naturally. And Satan's dearest wish is to fuck up things for humanity; thus wrecking the world would be high on Satan's TODO list.

Now, Satan is no slacker when it comes to art and elegance—naturally not; he was God's most beautiful and vainest angel—and Satan's contempt regarding the shortcomings of human beings (not exactly an exaggerated critique on Satan's part), certainly would descend (or would it be ascend?) to sending forth Bible-verse-spewing demons. 

Even Jesus warned us about this a long time ago.

And that brings us to one, Congressman Paul C. Broun (R-Georgia), admitted nincompoop, science hater, and accused traitor to the Earth itself.

Yep, the latter, quite reasonably laid, charge, comes from back in 2009, when Paul Krugman was reviewing just how frightening were the prospects of having the increasingly stupid Congress of the United States actually do something about climate change.

Discussing the House debate over the Waxman-Markley bill, Krugman noted that amongst the large minority of climate-deniers who voted against the House bill, one person stood out for his sheer conviction to minimizing what Krugman called "an existential threat to America"—i.e., climate change.

That person, that traitor to the Earth as Krugman said, was Congressman Paul C. Broun, who said the following during the debate:

"Scientists all over this world say that the idea of human-induced global climate change is one of the greatest hoaxes perpetrated out of the scientific community. It is a hoax. There is no scientific consensus. But this [bill] is going to kill jobs. It's gonna raise the cost of food. It's gonna raise the cost of medicines. It's gonna raise the cost of electricity and gasoline."

Krugman noted that Broun had no idea what he was talking about, especially about the economic impact of the bill being debated.

But, anyway, what Broun says sounds really bad, huh? It sounds just like the sort of thing Satan would want his demon saying to the people of the USA, to talk them into believing that science, which might actually save them and the Earth, is just a hoax-machine, making up all kinds of looney stuff like evolution, big-bang theories, and climate science. That demon would just keep saying—"there's no scientific consensus." Of course, even if there were a scientific consensus, say on evolution, Paul Broun has a response: it's all a pack of lies straight from the heart of Hell.

Gotta love that cynicism, Satan pretending that it is climate scientists, and not climate-science deniers, that are doing Satan's work for him. And then, all Omen like and all, Satan makes sure that Paul C. Broun, who loves slaughtering God's creatures while blathering about Jesus, ends up in charge of oversight and investigations for science and technology in the US House of Representatives.

Anyway, the USA and the Earth need to get that scaly little traitor, Paul Broun, the hell off the science committee, and the hell out of the United States Congress. Let's work on it, like our lives and futures depend upon it.