Bad News For Romney—Consumer Sentiment Highest In Five Years

This should be great news—you know, for Americans who actually care about their fellow citizens. But not so much for Mitt Romney and the Republicans.
It kind of tells you where things are and what kind of political crapper the USA has been stuck in for such a long time now, that really encouraging economic news today is precisely the worst news the GOP and its candidate, Mitt Romney, could hear right now.

Republicans quite literally hate the fact that consumer sentiment rose to the highest level this month since way back in September, 2007. What these numbers mean is that Americans are viewing their economic outlook more positively right now than at any time in the last five years!

So, if you're asking the question, do you feel better off now than you did when Barack Obama took over as president, for an increasing number of Americans, the answer would be yes, and not only that but they feel better than they have since the gilding started coming off the bullshit-as-gold economy of George W. Bush.

While there is still a lot more work to be done, particularly to help poorer Americans, things are looking up economically for the USA, just in time to ruin the Apocalyptic narrative Republicans had hoped they could spin in the last few weeks before November 6.

Too bad Mitt. Things are actually getting better, noticeably, measurably better, in America.