Steve Klein "Innocence of Muslims" Consultant Also Led Protests Against Mormons

Steve Klein (right), with CCU president Rob Sivulka (left), attending a Courageous Christians United outreach to Mormons in 2006, in Manti, Utah. The sign shows two anti-Mormon websites, which encourage LDS members to abandon their faith and join the religion of the "real Jesus Christ".
Steve Klein, described variously in the press as a "consultant" or "spokesman" for the infamous anti-Islamic movie, Innocence of Muslims, has a long career as an activist for various Christian groups and causes, most aimed at attacking or proselytizing those of different faiths.

For example, Klein had an involvement with a group called AMECA (or AMCA), American Middle-Eastern Christian Association, which argued against the oppression of Middle-Eastern Christians and for the positive view of Christian Arabs living in the United States. This often led the group to make statements attacking Islam and the Egyptian government in particular, for not protecting Coptic Christians. Copts have been pointed to as a likely funding source for the making of Innocence of Muslims.

And Klein was the founder of a group, Courageous Christians United (CCU), which runs "outreaches" or conversion efforts aimed at Muslims, Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses.

While Klein was supposedly removed from his position this week as a director at CCU, and the group claimed Klein had only an honorary position, nevertheless Klein can be seen in a photo at the CCU Mormon page, participating at CCU outreach activity. Signs in various photos on the page, depicting CCU members confronting Mormons at the 2006 Manti, Utah Mormon Miracle Pageant, advertise anti-Mormon websites:

AND (i.e., Joseph Smith, founder of the LDS or Mormons, lied) 

These sites provide readers with numerous documents intended to convince Mormons that they follow a false religion and prophet: "As Evangelical Christians, we also desire to convert Mormons and the state of Utah in particular to the real Jesus Christ." Other pages at the site report on similar outreaches to Muslims and Jehovah's Witnesses.

CCU head, Rob Silvulka (left), running anti-Islamic "outreach" on the streets of Anaheim, California.
Contact information for the sites lists officers for Courageous Christians United, including Rob Sivulka, the President. Sivulka has been anxious to distance the organization from Klein, and complained on Facebook yesterday that CCU was now listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as a "hate group." Nevertheless, Sivulka can be seen in the Muslim outreach page, holding a sign giving a now-dead web address:—or Muhammad

Sivulka told his Facebook group: "This really sucks for all of us on the board of CCU, and the extended ministries we're related to. I have concluded that it was really unfortunate that Steve Klein had anything to do with this film."

Finally, and quite ironically, but Mitt Romney's rush on Tuesday evening to defend the people involved in the making of "Innocence of Muslims" means he was defending people such as Steve Klein, who have devoted themselves in part to attacking and subverting Mormonism.