Romney Gives Thurston Howell III A Bad Name

Increasingly, Mitt Romney finds himself trapped in a frame of his own construction, where he sure looks like and sounds like a particularly evil version of Thurston Howell III. In fact, Howell could usually be shamed into doing something resembling the right thing. Mitt Romney has no acquaintance with such a radical and dangerous ideology.
If Fellini were directing this clownishly cruel fool, Mitt Romney, we might dismiss the disastrous Republican presidential campaign as great art—a memorably absurdist figure ruthlessly satirizing the ruling class's contempt for everybody else.

Listen, for example, to Joe Scarborough finally get the punch(in-the-face)line:

"[Romney] does sound like a plutocrat. [He] does sound like Thurston Howell III." Well, to be fair to Thurston Howell III, while he was certainly full of a sense of class entitlement (Howell thought the Newport County Club Rules Committee had more legal authority than the US Supreme Court), most people processed his behavior and attitude as that of a silly, amusing, and quite fictional character.

Joe Scarborough being incredibly insulting to Thurston Howell III.

But, the problem, for Romney, for the Republican Party, and mainly for America, is that Mitt is real, and this isn't a sitcom. It's a documentary of how in 2012 the USA reached such a low point in its increasing appetite for idiocy, that a universally despised candidate like Mitt Romney is even still in the race.

Because, short of Romney being caught having an affair with one of the 47% proles he hates so much, he's still going to be the Republican candidate on the ballot in November. And what that means is that the GOP has the choice now of either openly abandoning the choice its savagely stupid primaries produced, and in that event going with the even lamer option (if that's possible) of running Ryan as their top-of-ticket, or sticking with Mitt all the way into oblivion.

And that oblivion is getting nastier every day. Only last week, the GOP went in a few days from criticizing Romney's hateful criticism of Americans under fire in our Middle East diplomatic missions to defending Romney's statement as an example of his love of Christian free speech.

And now—on top of other examples of just how much Mitt Romney hates Americans—there is the 47% video. Thinking he was off-camera (really? in these days?), Mitt clarified in explicit detail just exactly what his general policy of blame the poor (and actually HALF of America) boils down to. He doesn't give a rat's ass about them, because what can they do for him after all.

Of course, the job of the president of the United States is supposed to be about what the holder of that office is willing to sacrifice himself to do for ALL the American people. Not in Mitt Romney's America. If you're naturally or inherently for Barack Obama, because you're one of the 47% in Mitt's worthless person figuring, then his "job", as he explicitly says in the 47% video is to worry about somebody other than you. And who would that be?

Oh people like this guy: Marc J. Leder, at whose house Mitt was speaking in the fundraiser where the now infamous 47% confessional was secretly made. Two creepy rich guys in bed with each other—so to speak. One of the most disturbing things about the 47% video, and the other clips covering other topics that were shot at Leder's house while Mitt was speaking, are the waiters, forced to serve and listen to a bunch of rich monsters jerking each other off about what losers people like those waiters must be.

Americans need to vote for their interests, meaning the people need to vote Mitt Romney and the GOP back to the Stone Age—the ideological spawning ground of Republican values.