Romney Campaign Dumps Romney: Pushes Ryan On Facebook

First, came the following piece of embarrassing video from Tuesday, which reduced Joe Scarborough to muttering "sweet Jesus" to himself, over the fact that Mitt Romney felt he had to order a campaign crowd in Vandalia, Ohio to stop chanting "Ryan! Ryan!" and to change to "Romney, Ryan!". It gets even worse when you watch earlier in the event, as Ryan encourages the crowd to chant "Romney! Romney!", and they do it, but when Romney thanks Ryan for the intro, and points out to the crowd what a great guy Romney's VP pick is, and then the crowd responds appropriately by chanting—for a few seconds—Ryan's name, Romney can't take it, and corrects them. Weak!

UPDATE: Regarding the correct interpretation of the above video, a number of outlets, including the Times, says the crowd was really chanting "Romney! Romney!" as they had been doing, and Romney was trying to be a nice guy by telling them to include Ryan's name in the chant. Listening to the video several times, it is unclear whether Romney or Ryan is the predominant chant at the time Romney interrupts them. MSNBC had originally reported that "Ryan! Ryan!" was being chanted, and that this caused Romney to stop and correct the crowd. Morning Joe's Joe Scarborough had run the video, and used it in his general critique of Romney as a terrible candidate. Then of course you get stuff like this reminding you that the reason the MSNBC take on the clip was so believable is that Romney has to constantly keep reminding people who is at the top of the ticket.

But now, it seems the Romney campaign must have decided internally that Republicans simply prefer Paul Ryan, and that they want people searching for Mitt Romney to go to Paul Ryan instead.

On Facebook, I noticed this morning that if you search for the name "Mitt Romney", you get search results that are headed by a sponsored result featuring not Mitt Romney, but instead Paul Ryan! A friend tried this from their machine and got the same result. Try it and see what you get.

Bottom line—Republicans do not like the ticket order and would have greatly preferred that Paul Ryan be heading the ticket, instead of being Mitt Romney's poodle. And even Mitt Romney and his campaign seem to understand this to be the plain, brutal, facts about how much nobody likes the GOP nominee.

Facebook search this morning (Sept. 28, 2012), for term "Mitt Romney", returns top hit—sponsored ad for Paul Ryan! While Ryan has Romney's brand stamped on his ass still, one wonders how much Mitt's VP choice is looking ahead to 2016 already. Certainly, the Republican Party wishes Ryan had been at the top of the ticket instead of the guy they got.