Republican "Pray For Obama" Sign Suggests President Should Die

Texan Milton Neitsch Jr's unChristian sign, makes a reference to Bible verses, in Psalms, praying for the death of an enemy.
It is not difficult to imagine many Republicans wishing they could personally kill President Obama. Many Republicans are of course Ted Nugent-style gun nuts, and, inspired by Nugent's often violent rhetoric, consider it their patriotic duty to rid the USA of the alleged alien invader in the White House.

Whether he is a Nugentarian or not, one intellectually giftless creature down in Victoria, Texas, Milton Neitsch Jr., decided to put up a billboard message, seeming to make the case that the USA would be better off with President Obama dead.

The sign states the following: Pray For Obama—Psalms 109:8.

That Bible verse, part of a prayer asking for divine vengeance against one's enemies, says the following:

"Let his days be few; and let another take his office."

While this verse seems to request the early death of the enemy, the Secret Service, which is investigating the incident, likely were interested in the verse which follows, Psalms 109:9, which is not included on the billboard:

"Let his children be fatherless, and his wife a widow."

That seems clear and explicit, and it guides the intended reading of the preceding verse.

Anti-rocket-scientist Milton Neitsch Jr. explained that he never intended people to actually read the verse he referenced in context—in other words to read what it really means. But, if all Neitsch meant to say is that he hopes Obama loses the election—maybe he should have used those words, instead of the ones he chose.
However, Neitsch, when asked, alleged he wasn't trying to send any hateful message, just a prayer that "Obama's not in office next term...Hope he's gone soon and somebody different takes his place."

Neitsch says he will take down the sign "as soon as possible", but the online reaction to the sign, and to the news that the Secret Service got involved in an investigation concerning it, has gathered much steam on conservative websites and social networking groups.

For example, on the We Are Conservatives group on Facebook, many people commenting on a link to the story about the billboard, said they "loved" the sign, and thought that only people without a "sense of humor" would be offended by it. As of Sunday at 4pm, the story had gotten almost 11,000 "likes" on that group alone.

It would be somewhat reassuring to think that Neitsch, being a ridiculous nobody in the middle of nowhere, is just a on-off nut, but that isn't the case. In fact, Neitsch wouldn't likely have had this idea in the first place, if mainstream elected Republicans had not already embraced it.