Poll: Obama Holds Biggest September Lead In 16 Years

No, we haven't seen this headline yet, but most pundits claim we will on October 4th, if Romney doesn't wipe the floor with President Obama in the first debate. At that point, if Obama holds his own or wins!—Romney will hear Karl Rove declare him Toast on the Titanic, and the deal is done.
According to the latest Pew Poll, President Barack Obama has now pulled away to such a substantial lead (51%-43%) over Republican Mitt Romney, Obama now leads his opponent by the biggest September margin of any presidential candidate since 1996—Bill Clinton thumping Bob Dole.

"Obama holds a bigger September lead than the last three candidates who went on to win in November, including Obama four years ago."—September Pew Poll

So hopelessly inept and self-destructive has been the Romney campaign, that in spite of most Americans agreeing the country is in tepid shape at best and getting better too slowly, they don't blame Obama for it, and they show no interest in choosing Romney as a replacement boss to fix the nation's problems.
Many media outlets have tried to sift these and other recent poll results, looking for reasons Romney has had no success trying to beat a president ruling over 8% unemployment, but mainly it comes down to a couple of figures that have been consistent in the polling all year:

• Nobody Likes Mitt Romney, not even Republicans—you can regularly see the enormous disrespect Republicans show Romney. In fact, the Republican old guard organized a "save the GOP" effort back in September of 2011 to try to convince New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to enter the race and stop Romney from getting the nomination. Christie said "no". And in terms of defining who Mitt Romney really is, not only have the Democrats done a great job of turning Romney into Mean Mr. Mustard ("such a mean old man"), but Romney has fallen over himself time and again helping confirm all the awful things Dems were saying about him. One key conclusion from the Pew Poll:
"Roughly half of Romney’s supporters say they are voting against Obama rather than for the Republican nominee. With the exception of Bill Clinton in 1992, candidates lacking mostly positive backing have lost in November."
Another remarkable verdict from the poll on how much the GOP hates its own candidate:
"[Respondents] continue to view Romney unfavorably. No previous presidential candidate has been viewed more unfavorably than favorably at this point in a presidential campaign in Pew Research or Gallup September surveys going back to 1988."
• People Trust Barack Obama—most people think the country is not in good shape right now, but they can see the light at the end of this very dark tunnel of economic difficulty and wars. And one thing a lot of people are realizing, or recalling: Obama took over the worst mess of any president since Franklin Roosevelt 80 years ago, and as Bill Clinton said, nobody was going to fix that mess in one term. On top of that, Romney has gone out of his way, including making his 47% affirmation, to let Americans know he only cares about rich people (or maybe just Mitt Romney), and not the concerns of all Americans. The Pew Poll shows on numerous topics, including fixing the economy, Americans prefer Barack Obama as the man with right plan.

And maybe the most telling result: Obama beats Romney on the question of who is "a strong leader" by 51%-38%. Romney's constant position-switching and the perception he will say anything to anybody to obtain their cash or their vote is resulting in the perception of Romney—a perception that has been around for a long time about him—that he's a weak, Etch-a-Sketch candidate.

These numbers have to be depressing over at Camp Romney, and there are a number of right-wing pundits calling for interventions, and offering good cheer and advice—as if they are talking to a doomed patient—but increasingly Republicans are realizing that if they stay chained to the Romney sinking ship, the whole GOP is going down on November 6th.

To that we say: sink, baby, sink!