Mitt's Bullshit Tweet: "Medicare Is Going Broke" Disputed By Experts

Romney's Mediscare tweet this morning warns that Medicare is going broke, which the Republicans have been warning is about to happen—for almost half a century now. Maybe in 2024 they'll finally get it right, but odds say probably not.

I was there, fighting the fight, voting against Medicare, one of 12, because we knew it wouldn't work back in 1965.Bob Dole, dumbly recalling the idiocy of his dead-wrong Medicare position in 1965, in a speech given in October 1995, as Dole was running for president of the United States

Part of the endless stream of Mediscare bullshit peddled by the Republicans is the idea that Medicare is on the verge of bankruptcy and won't be there much longer, unless Republicans are allowed to "reform" the program.

"Reform" always means destroy in Republican-speak.

Mitt Romney tweets this morning:
"Medicare is going broke. Our plan will preserve Medicare for our seniors & strengthen Medicare for the next generation."
Now, it's helpful to know that since before Medicare's inception, during the debate on it back in 1964, Republicans have been warning that the program would soon go bankrupt and would bankrupt Social Security too. Obviously, they were wrong.

As for the current lying GOP mantra about Medicare's future, The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities plainly contradicts Mitt's claim, with an article explaining why the GOP alarmist rhetoric is just dead wrong.

For one thing, the CBPP reports:
"The 2012 report of Medicare’s trustees finds that Medicare’s Hospital Insurance (HI) trust fund will remain solvent — that is, able to pay 100 percent of the costs of the hospital insurance coverage that Medicare provides — through 2024; at that point, the payroll taxes and other revenue deposited in the trust fund will still be sufficient to pay 87 percent of Medicare hospital insurance costs."
2024—now that's twelve years from now, right? Think about how long a time that is. Twelve years ago Bill Clinton was still president, 9/11 hadn't happened, and—wait for it—there WERE NO iPods even! The world has changed a number of times and ways since September 2000. Lots of things can happen—for example, the economy could get much better than it presently is doing and revenues to meet future shortfalls in Medicare could be produced just from the increase in economic activity. Even if that doesn't happen, the shortfall predicted for 2024 isn't that great, and could be made up by eliminating waste in other programs—such as defense spending for example.

But, Republicans don't care about these facts and possibilities. They want you to pay attention to the fake reality they claim is about to happen to you right now—IF you don't allow them to destroy Medicare by turning it into a voucher program for people younger than 55. Doing that will toss millions of Americans into a free market jungle that will fail to provide them with adequate health care—that's why a government program was created in the first place, because too many older Americans could not obtain proper or any health care coverage in the marketplace.

Mitt Romney lies about a lot of things, and Medicare going bankrupt soon is just one of them.