Joe Scarborough: Is it OK To Thank George W. Bush?

In a peculiar and disturbing plea for an unjustified amnesia regarding the role of George W. Bush in enabling 9/11, and then perpetrating the disastrous Afghanistan and Iraq wars, MSNBC commentator Joe Scarborough, host of the program "Morning Joe", asked his panel of guests this morning if it would be "OK" to thank George W. Bush for the fact the USA had not been attacked again after 9/11.

Scarborough, who said "haters" might disagree with his request for bipartisan appreciation, repeated a much-believed meme:

"Can we just stop today and thank president bush and thank president obama, thank our men and women of the cia, the fbi, and everybody that's kept us safe for 11 years?"

Nobody on the panel answered "no", and nobody bothered to point out that of course the terrorists had not needed to attack the USA domestically since September 11, 2001, because Bush had cooperatively sent thousands of American military overseas to the terrorists' homelands to be attacked. Those troops were most definitely not safe. But Scarborough failed to mention their role in absorbing years of punishment meted out by terrorists.

Joe Scarborough (on the right), often denounced these days by the rabid haters in the Republican Party as a "RINO", is still anxious to defend his party and its dreadful mistakes, and that includes the most horrific mistake—George W. Bush. Mika Brzezinski (on the left) , as usual, is looking down like a good little sheep,  because she knows she can't just tell Scarborough to shut the fuck up.
Further, Bush began a war against Iraq on the basis of false claims of Iraq's WMD stockpiles, which led to vastly more terrorists being created than would have been the case if Iraq had not been attacked. And in that pointless and ghastly war, thousands of Americans were killed and horribly maimed. And many more thousands of innocent Iraqis suffered as well.

Yet, the idiotic, largely Republican, meme, that Bush "kept us safe" keeps getting repeated, as a means of deflecting the criticism that Bush did everything but keep Americans safe. 

As noted here, a new New York Times op-ed which came out today, adds more information, eleven years later, clarifying just how much George W. Bush refused to pay attention to mounting intelligence service warnings in the spring and summer of 2001 that Osama bin Laden's US-based operatives were about to launch a devastating attack on the USA homeland. Bush ignored the warnings and went on vacation in the month prior to the 9/11 attack.

What possible reason could Americans have to thank George W. Bush for anything at all? The only one that comes to mind is that Bush and his vicious crew of thugs left the White House in 2009, without declaring martial law and ignoring the election of Barack Obama.


  1. I fully agree with you that Bush was and is totally derelict, and that Scarborough is a total wind bag and Mika is stuck with him.


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