GOP: Todd Akin & Bobbi Lussier Values Rule

For a lot of people, Jackie®-Brand First Lady is the white-gold standard. Michelle Obama to a lot of these people looks like a maid or some exotic diplomat's wife from a distant dark heart of somewhere fucking foreign as hell. They will insist this feeling isn't racism, but just a concern that the Obamas don't have the proper respect for the White House—you know, like Jack Kennedy did.
Political parties are many things to many people. And nobody could rightly claim everyone in the Republican Party is a lunatic racist sexist scumbag.

However, of late (since Nixon at least), the GOP has been trying to make the case it is really just that party.

For example:

• The Birther racists—including the circus clown Donald Trump and that ridiculous little troll, Sheriff Joe Arpaio—are not ordered to get out of the Party. Hell no! They are clasped closer to Mitt Romney, mannequin of a 1000 conflicting political vestures, since racism is such a vital, natural, component of so many base residents of the Republican base. After all, what would the GOP be without its essential Confederacy?
• Todd Akin—this center-ring galoot, who would be a prized politician no doubt in the less-enlightened boondocks of Afghanistan, is alleged by Politico to be on the verge of not only saving his hyper-idiotic political existence—threatened with extinction a few weeks ago when Akin opened his incredibly stupid mouth to educate voters about raped women—but actually Akin could be the star player in the Republican drive to take control of the United States Senate. What this says about the halfwits in Missouri—a place Mark Twain got the hell out of you know—is another disturbing issue.
• Bobbi Lussier—You could almost feel sorry for poor, stupid, Bobbi, except you know—it's a free country, and she was free to keep her racist mouth shut. But she thought it would be helpful if she told NPR, when they came a-askin' at the American Legion Convention national meeting at the end of August, just what she thought about those unpresidential people—all black and all—allowed to occupy her White House. Bobbi charmed a lot of rednecks, and no doubt spoke up for their feelings too, when she said the following about Barack and Michelle Obama:
"I just - I don't like him. Can't stand to look at him. I don't like his wife. She's far from the first lady. It's about time we get a first lady in there that acts like a first lady, and looks like a first lady."
And just listen to the enthusiasm in her voice:

Bobbi Bashing Obamas

If Bobbi had just stopped at "I don't like him", people would probably have still figured she was a racist since she was from Manasses, Virginia, so Bobbi apparently decided what the hell, she would leave no doubt about it. Recently, NPR went back to Lussier, and got a clarification (like anybody should need one) and Bobbi explained it had NOTHING to do with anybody's skin color—oh NO! of course not. Lussier explained it was just all those unladylike "pushups on the floor" Michelle was doing and all that amazonian arm-baring, which she could not imagine Jackie Kennedy doing, nor Barbara Bush doing (thank the gods!).

Of course, Jackie Kennedy did wear a lot of dresses and gowns with no sleeves at all, and was praised in 1961 for being stylishly un-American and more international (yes, that was considered a good thing) as First Lady. But Bobbi wasn't really dealing with facts—just her feelings of frustration, chiefly that black people were running (loose in) her White House, and Mitt Romney was the lametard nominee who didn't seem like he was going to chase them out of there.

Speaking of being unladylike, well, Todd Akin mentioned that another amazonian "wildcat", as he put it, was up against him and the proper station of females, in the person of his political opponent, Claire McCaskill. She tore into Akin in a recent debate (which she's supposed to in a debate), and Todd whined the following about her aggressiveness:

"It's like somebody let a wildcat out of the cage. She was just furious and attacking in every different direction, which was a little bit of a surprise to us."

Akin explained it was clearly a lack of "confidence" in McCaskill's position in their US Senate race that made his opponent go "unladylike" on him:
"She had a confidence and was much more ladylike (in 2006), but in the debate on Friday she came out swinging, and I think that’s because she feels threatened."
Certainly, more and more Americans feel deeply threatened by what is going on in this indecipherably appalling election campaign of 2012. At least regarding the political part of the apocalypse, the Mayans got it right.