Todd Akin's Stupidity Versus the Atrocious Reality of Pregnancy by Rape

Todd Akin today refused to quit the US Senate campaign in Missouri. The GOP alleges it is horrified and will not support Akin's candidacy. Democrats are thrilled that Akin will stay in.
In the tiny world of provincial GOP Congressional pols, "rape" is a label a woman uses when her licentiousness gets her "in trouble". According to Todd Akin, not only is the act of a man raping a woman just a convenient post-factum characterization for a woman to dubiously claim, but the woman's body possesses magical powers to make any rape-caused pregnancy just vanish. Thus, if she's still pregnant, whining about wanting an abortion, the rape could not, in Akin's words, be "legitimate".

That people are even having to point out Akin is wrong about this, is a sign of just how decrepit the Republican Party and its policy points have become. Todd Akin should be sitting in the back of a very empty, very disregarded bar, in a place that makes Bumfuck, Egypt look like a thriving, hyperconnected metropolis. There, he could drunkenly mumble his special medical theories to the shadows.

Instead, Todd Akin is a United States Congressman running for the United States Senate from Missouri.

Let's look for a moment at some facts which speak, most terribly, against the point Akin is alleging.

In looking for information about this issue, to obtain some idea of the frequency of pregnancy caused by sexual assaults on women, we need only refer to the events of some recent wars, in Rwanda, and in Bosnia, where rape and impregnation were used as weapons against women.

For example, in a New York Times article, dated May 15, 1995, we read:
"A survey in Kigali [Rwanda] and several other prefectures by the Ministry of Family and Women's Affairs estimated that between April 1994 and April 10, 1995, more than 15,700 women and girls between 13 and 65 were raped, more than 1,100 gave birth and 5,200 had abortions."
These figures work out to about 42% of the raped women having a resulting pregnancy, with the vast majority of these choosing to abort the pregnancy. According to Todd Akin's theory of biology, these abortions were murders committed by women whose bodies could have eliminated the pregnancies if the women had been "legitimately raped".

A similar policy of forced rape and resultant pregnancy was used against women in the Bosnian War, where:
"[p]erpetrators told the female victims that they would bear children of the perpetrator's ethnicity...[and t]hat they would become pregnant and then be held in custody until it was too late to get an abortion. Victims were threatened that if they told anyone they would be hunted down and killed."
We should consider this idea very carefully, because there isn't any difference between war criminals forcing women to have babies as a means of ethnic cleansing, and the policies of Republicans, which seek to ideologically cleanse the United States of ideas they find morally offensive, such as women's rights, which they view as attacks on the authority and commandments of their god.

The Taliban and other religious fanatics use the same justification for abusing women all over the world.