Romney Reveals Barbaric Plan: Cut Arts and Fund War

And after that, he says build him a Terminator.
Yeah, so Mitt Romney is a barbarian. That's not a surprise is it. Announcing that in order to save money, the US government would have to eliminate arts funding and instead push bunches of money into researching future war technology, Romney clearly articulated his future for America: it's spelled BORG or maybe TERMINATOR.

What it isn't spelled is CIVILIZATION. Nope. Under Mitt Romney's ruthless idiocy, the USA will march as fast as it can back in time to someplace where the satisfaction of greed was the unquestioned sole virtue and purpose for living.

And arts funding? You know the fundamental expression of a society's interest in building a working soul.

Fuck that.

Romney spelled it out for us today: it's about war.

The other stuff.

Not important.

UPDATE: A personal note.

The article linked above turned out to be my last for—they terminated my contract over it. I don't think it was because it was too lefty for Philip Anschutz. They said my headline was "unclear", i.e. it too clearly made the link between Romney wanting to cut arts and fund war. I called them illiterate dumbasses—which they are.