Reproductive Rights Math: Ryan Equals Akin

Paul Ryan is just Todd Akin with a little more circumspection and luck. So, as it turned out, Ryan outted himself as a hater in his dense budget proposal, which few people have actually read, while Akin released the truth genie on himself and his party with a simple, awful, phrase: "legitimate rape", which everybody could understand.
Mitt Romney is probably wondering to himself how exactly The Spirit can be working in all this. Romney chose what he thought was the right—extremely right—VP choice to help bolster his sinking stock with the conservative tin-foil-hat brigade that makes up the base of the GOP.

Paul Ryan was beloved by every "true" conservative, because he wanted to push every grandma in America over the cliff, thus saving rich people LOTS of money paying to keep alive a bunch of useless old people. In addition, Ryan's budget tossed poor people off social safety net programs, enabling rich people to have even more Americans wandering about homeless and hungry to be peered at through limo windows, and reminding the rich of just how much they were the winners in the American Dream reality show.

And all that was working out—well sort of OK, the polls weren't changing all that much—when along came Congressman Todd Akin to blow to hell Romney's plan to have the campaign stick to the "it's the economy, stupid" message.

Nope, the Spirit had other ideas. And it opened Todd Akin's mouth on Sunday to speak something that was common knowledge (i.e., common junk-thinking) in the GOP base: Akin alleged raped women getting pregnant by their rapists was a rare thing. Why? Oh, Akin had it on good expert testimony from real doctors (whose licenses haven't yet been revoked) that raped women's bodies could naturally reject sperm from a rapist. Ergo, if the woman got pregnant anyway, most likely she wasn't "legitimately" raped, but was just claiming it, in order to get one of those silly "exception" abortions.

And by this rationale, Akin and many other Republicans had concluded, there was no need to provide any exception to abortion bans for women who get pregnant as a result of being raped.

The question of whether Todd Akin is a nincompoop, unqualified to hold public office anywhere for any reason, had pretty much been decided in the public sphere by yesterday—every place except in Todd Akin's mind and in Missouri, where the voters could still go ahead and elect him anyway. Akin has refused to drop out, and now the question is, how much will that decision, and Akin's legislative and ideological record, unavoidably link him to his anti-abortion ally in the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan?

In addition to working with Todd Akin to pass woman-hating bills limiting reproductive rights, Paul Ryan is the guy who wants to throw your grandma off the cliff, by destroying Medicare (among other things) with his crazy budget proposal.
Ryan, until a couple of days ago, when he was forced to join Mitt Romney in a rejection statement, had stood for pretty much everything that Todd Akin has stood for on abortion. Ryan-Akin have co-sponsored bills designed to strip women of reproductive rights. And while Ryan hasn't publicly declared he agrees with Akin's medical ideas about the special powers possessed by raped women's bodies, he has certainly stood by Akin on bills that argued abortion should be denied to women, even in the case of their being made pregnant by rape.

Asked to clarify his postion today on the question of Akin's comments, Ryan refused to reject his and Ryan's legislative work: "Well, look, I'm proud of my pro-life record. And I stand by my pro-life record in Congress." Nevertheless, Ryan assured everyone it would be Mitt Romney who would be making policy in the "Romney administration." The fact Ryan had to say this is revealing of the whole problem with Mitt Romney.

Is it likely that Paul Ryan could never have heard of the wacko theories that Akin discussed in his Sunday debacle of an interview? The fact is, Akin's ideas are only wacko-sounding to sane people, who have heard of science and biology. The nonsense is common wack-speak amongst those in the GOP who boldly attempt to hurt American women every day, thinking doctors are on their side in the dubious determination GOP healthcare doctrine is scientifically sound.

Meanwhile, back in Mitt Romney's little political corner of the world, where he is supposed to be trying to run for president against Barack Obama, Romney can't get traction on the one issue he has any chance on—the economy—even when people such as Akin aren't pushing the GOP's lunatic social issues to the front burners.

And Romney just revealed, once again, his utter lack of authority in the GOP, as he and the whole GOP management unsuccessfully attempted to convince Akin to get out of the race. Akin felt the Republicans, people who mostly AGREE with him on abortion policy issues, were trying to bully him. He responded by saying he was sorry if his way of expressing himself was defective, but that he was running to protect the unborn, even if it was politically unpopular.

With Mitt Romney's luck, the Spirit will soon transform Akin into a GOP hero. That's not only par for Romney experience this campaign, and not only what he really deserves for aligning himself with a bunch of right-wing nuts, but it is a logically consistent development, as the Republican Party bravely marches onward to its ideological and political self-destruction.