Farce Time For Romney-Ryan

The two gay doofuses—I mean old-school "gay" (as in Victorian boarding-school gay—OK that doesn't work either huh? Or it does really.)
A lot has happened since Wednesday, huh? That's the day poor, dumb, Andrea Saul went out and metaphorically shot her candidate in the foot with her completely idiotic act of telling the truth—yes, Romney actually thought Romneycare was a good idea.

Whoops. And you know how things went after that. None too well for Mitt Romney.

Today, watching the pathetic Bain man reduced to gaffing the introduction of Super-conservative Paul Ryan, accidentally raising Ryan to top of the ticket, you had to really feel for Mitt—well, if you were a simpleton.

Mitt Romney is getting exactly what he deserves.

Nobody likes him. Certainly his own party doesn't. And now he knows it for a fact. He knows it so well, another thing he knows is that the GOP would rather have Ryan on the top of the ticket, with Romney, at best, a lame VP choice.

As it is, the GOP understands it has a much worse situation: they have a lame presidential nominee partnered with a vibrant crazyman who scares the crap out of people who actually don't think pushing grandma over a cliff is a good way to save money.

Meanwhile, back in Obamaville they are practicing the proverb: When your enemy is destroying himself, don't get in his way.