Deconstructing Mitt Romney's "Introduction" Video

Mitt and Ann beginning their lives together back in the 1960s. A hardscrabble existence taught Mitt and Ann the value of a dollar—oh wait—nope that isn't true at all. Mitt and Ann lived off investment income right from the start. And then they just got richer. So, Mitt learned the value of a dollar (to other people) the old-fashioned way, by watching poor people—many of whom he personally made poor or poorer by firing them—scrape to make a dollar last.
As part of the effort last night to introduce Mitt Romney to America, that is to introduce the part of Mitt Romney most commentators claim seems to be missing from him—any sign of a human heart—the RNC offered up a biographical video, Mitt Romney: Introduction.

It is reasonable to think in such a video that a candidate is going to cut some corners on the facts, for example Romney tells us his dad was born in Mexico, but not why—Romney's ancestors had escaped to Mexico from the United States in order to practice polygamy. In Mitt Romney: Introduction, all we hear is that the Romneys "were refugees from a revolution". In fact, the Romneys escaped back to the USA to evade the Mexican Revolution in the early 20th century.

The first thing Romney tell us, and the way in which he does it, is striking:

"I'm a guy who believes in the vision of the Founding Fathers."

That of course could mean a lot of things. As Romney is speaking, his wife, Ann, seated to his right, looks on in somewhat soft focus, and positioned somewhat behind him.

This is interesting because one of the many "visions" of the Founding Fathers—in conservative versions of America there are no Founding Mothers—is that women didn't count. At best, they were merely assistants to their husbands interests and enterprises. At the worst, they were slaves. 

Ann Romney thus looks very 18th century as her husband tells us he wants to take us back to that century's view of "opportunity" and "hope" in America.

"Hope" was so badly missing for so many Americans in the original design of the Founding Fathers, the nation had to sacrifice 750,000 dead in the Civil War, just to begin to try to correct its terrible flaws in dispensing opportunity and hope.

But these are of course merely facts of history, and of little interest to men of vision, such as Mitt Romney, and usually of little interest to those who vote for such men.

When it comes time in the video to start creating some mush-room in viewers' feelings about Romney the alleged human being, Ann Romney starts playing her crucial role as translator and focus of Mitt's heart. When Ann became sick with multiple sclerosis, yes it was most likely a very bad thing for her, but on the good side of the ledger (there's always a ledger with Mitt), years later her husband could exploit her illness to make it seem as if he has genuine feelings.

As Ann Romney tells us:
I was very, very ill. I don't know if people knew how sick I was. I was frightened. Mitt was frightened. But I needed him desperately…Mitt decided that he was going to honor heroes throughout the country. And that the [Olympic] torch relay was going to be all about heroes. And Mitt chose me as his hero. My life was in jeopardy, and I was like, as vulnerable as a person could be. And I trust Mitt. I trust him with my life.
A lot of people think this is very compelling testimony. But, frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.

There are simply way too many people who are not wealthy from the get-go, as the Romneys were, who don't have much or any health insurance, and who face similar or worse health challenges. They won't be able to use (or abuse) the Olympics to make it their personal therapeutic tool for their loved one.

And Mitt's message to those people if he takes over as president? Good luck, losers, because Romney-Ryan will be cutting Medicare, Medicaid, and medi-anything that might save your life. Yeah, you can have one of these great, worthless vouchers, that will buy you the crappiest health insurance in the world. Multiple sclerosis? No problem. Just fork over the $10,000 deductible. Or—next time—try being born rich.

Lastly, and this is one of the weirder messages in this supposedly feel-good piece, but it turns out Mitt Romney, alleged sort-of Christian, learned his charitable spirit from Ebenezer Scrooge and not Jesus. I've seen a lot of people talk about what a very charitable man Mitt Romney is, but the large bulk of Romney's charitable giving is money he tithes to the LDS, the Mormon Church. When he isn't funding Joseph Smith's cult, Mitt Romney appears to be—a cheap bastard.

Even his kids say this—in the video!:

"I went to mom if we ever needed money. Because you never went to dad—he's way too cheap."

And also—again, from the video:

"Mitt is a cheap sonofagun. If he could save 50¢ on paper clips, he'd drive a mile to do it."—Tom Stemberg, founder of Staples

And if Mitt could squeeze out more profits by paying employees less than the going rate for a job, he'd see to it that Staples did that. Bain Capital pioneered the territory so many companies now are occupying, wherein corporate profitability is increased by reducing the American middle class to the level of working poor. And if workers complain or try to unionize? Then Bain can always just ship the company and the jobs off to China or India, where workers will be happy to work (or anyway, they will work) twice as long for 1/4 the money.

Maybe the cheapest bastard in the room isn't the guy we need to provide a vision or leadership for the USA, or to help suffering American families deal with the worst economic situation since the Great Depression. This is just one way and reason why having good business skills is really not the same as having good presidential skills.

Mitt Romney may have a heart somewhere in his character, but it seems entirely devoted to taking care of himself and his own. While Romney claims to love America, he also admits to having acquired that love while he was on "vacation". Anybody who knows the story of Mitt Romney and his dog, will understand being the object of Mitt Romney's vacational affections is not where America wants to find itself.