Conservatives Showing Romney The Cliff

If you're afflicted with having a heart, you'd have to feel sorry for poor, stupid, Andrea Saul. Thankfully, my heart was manufactured by Black Adder, Ltd.
This week the GOP, reading the polling tea leaves and reacting to the painful truth, decided to grab Mitt Romney by the dog collar, and drag him over to the cliff to show him what it looks like. For many conservatives, Romney had already taken himself too far to that edge.

In some conservatives' eyes, Romney went over that edge on Wednesday this week, when Romney Press Secretary Andrea Saul committed one of the more devastating Kinsley gaffes in recent memory, basically praising the idea of Romneycare (basis of Obamacare) as a national solution for health care.

Realizing that Saul has planted a nice, self-annihilating, IED (Improvised Electoral Devastator) for Barack Obama, the right wing went nuts, both denouncing Saul and Romney as traitorous moderates, and demanding that Romney now PROVE he deserves GOP base (evil, heinous) support by obeying conservative demands that the Republican VEEP choice be Paul Ryan.

The latter has LOTS of experience proposing insane government-shredding (especially social spending-shredding) budgets that never get passed, except by the current grandstanding Republican House goobers.

But Paul Ryan as a potential president? That's just plain looney. Not Palin looney maybe, but Ryan's got nothing to recommend him as a chief executive. And yes, I know that's not a disqualifier—Quayle, Quayle, Quayle—or hell even Barack Obama if you're honest about it.

But the feeling right now is that the GOP has started the process of edging Romney's pathetic grandma of a campaign up to the cliff: "Oh look, grandma, down there, it's Paul Ryan—see??"


Now the Dems can concentrate on taking the House back from those meatheaded Tea Party dolts.

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