Republicans and the Economy of Spiders

Yep, that's a real picture—the big garden spider killed the other, smaller, spiders who were operating their spider shops in the same area. That's entrepreneurial capitalism at its best—but you know—people are not garden spiders. So they shouldn't base their economies on those of arachnids.
The whole "you don't need to see my tax returns—because the Dems would just find bad things in them to tell you about" angle is not working for Mitt Romney.

And Republicans are getting pretty concerned they've picked a dud—which ALL the conservative Republicans during the primaries tried to warn the old-schoolers in the GOP was going to happen if they nominated Romney.

Not only is Romney suspicious to conservatives—after all, he invented Obamacare—but Romney's whole demeanor is like some kind of creepy Frankenstein's monster, where the tiny, leaden, heart of Henry F. Potter gets transplanted into one of those 1950's game show hosts (the ones with something to hide).

The last few days, Republicans have decided they are tired of seeing their hapless rich guy beaten up by Obama's Chicago-style insinuations (did Romney pay NO income taxes for YEARS?).

So, they've started a new attack on Obama now, called "Obama just doesn't understand capitalism"—meaning Obama doesn't understand that the brand of capitalism favored and practiced by Mitt Romney, is the only American dream worth promoting and protecting. After all, as Republicans have made it quite clear to everyone, what capitalism is really about is ruthless competition and creative destruction.

While a lot of the Republican goon core don't actually believe in the theory (or fact) of evolution, they definitely believe in and practice social darwinism. The latter is not a scientific theory, but it is a useful dialectic if, like Republicans, you think it is "nature's way" that the bigger, more predatory, people should lord it over everybody else—like a bunch of stupid arachnids. Thus the picture (which does illustrate Nature's merciless economy for spiders, but NOT necessarily for human beings).