Last Nail In Wall Street's Coffin

Sign of the times. People are increasingly getting fed up with Wall Street's heinous, criminal, bullshit. But what will the people do about it? Continued to elect Wall Street bought-and-paid-for pols?
As noted at today:
"In what may be the last nail in the coffin of trust by most Americans in the integrity of the Wall Street way of finance, a new survey reveals shocking levels of indifference to, and even enthusiasm for, criminal behavior amongst "500 senior executives" of Wall Street and UK financial industry firms."
On Sunday, we pointed out that "the people" seem to have permanently descended into being "the sheeple". Not exactly a novel insight about the tendency to FAIL of most democratic governing experiments, but increasing evidence shows a basic weariness amongst the American electorate—and electorates all over the world. Isn't this voting thing just a sham usually?

What for example is the point of voting for this or that pol, if all of the flavors of pol have "MADE ON WALL STREET" branded on their butts? This is an interesting time where once again we can see that the "decline" of a civilization is not all bad. Lots of people—albeit a tiny minority of the whole—do every well exploiting the life's blood of the society that no longer commands any respect whatsoever from its inmates.