Tommy Chong on Hemp Spirit and Stinkin' Pot Taxes

Tommy Chong on CNN admits that he can't play golf very well when he's high. But, pot is real spiritual magic, dude, and yeah, he's got prostate cancer, which he's using marijuana oil to treat—or anyway to feel better about.
Speaking of depressing things, I ran into this story, and it was about as dumb as the two houseguests I've been putting up with for the past week—Heroin and BenWa (really that's their names and they're married, so it's Mrs. Heroin BenWa!).

Anyway, regarding poor Tommy Chong's ordeal, it's great he got so fucking straight (in his head) in prison that NOW, finally, he understands that "[Marijuana] does affect you mentally, you know. Pot does, and there’s no way around that part, you know."

Nope, no way around that part, but Chong then tried to salvage Maryjane's reputation just a bit: "[Grass] affects some people spiritually, like myself, for instance, you know. I’ve really gotten into the spiritual world deep, thanks to my ingestion of the magic weed."

But here's the problem Tommy, you admit in the vidthat the magic weed made you useless at playing golf: "I couldn’t hit the ball. I felt like I never picked up the club before and it was weird." So, has it occurred to you that all the deep spiritual insight you claim you got was similarly fucked up and bogus?

You think? Is it possible? And yeah, it's true that hemp revelation is probably as good as any other.

Now, I say all this, absolutely revolted that the pigs threw Tommy Chong into the slammer for pipes or bongs or whatever. And now of course, he's got prostate cancer, and he thinks he got it from the bad prison food—more likely the emotional torture of being locked up in fucking prison for a bong rap when you're an old man. What bullshit! Nine months!

How much time has George Bush done? Or Cheney or Rumsfeld? Oh right—fucking none at all—and never will because being mass murderers is a virtuous act in the USA. Being Tommy Chong? No, THAT'S too dangerous to allow. Hell, somebody might get amused and have a liberating thought or two.

Speaking of which, buried in the jumble of video snips that CNN made out of Don Lemon's interview/straight-man routine with Chong, is a really funny and revealing bit on something that a lot of people these days forget. Long before the Tea Party, the real small government or no-government advocates, were the left-wing libertarians, who favored near-anarchic levels of personal freedom, meaning the government staying the fuck out of people's personal (not corporate) business. Listening to Tommy Chong make a libertarian case for pot: "We don't need a government regulation to tell us this is good pot and that's bad pot"—is pretty interesting.

Anyway, I hope the pot oil works for Tommy. If not, as some people have pointed out, Steve Jobs will probably have a spiritual iPhone waiting for him up (or down) there. Well, he would if all that spiritual crap weren't a bunch of baloney.

*—CNN edited the video linked at the start of the article to remove the bits with Chong talking about people being crazy and spiritual on pot, so this link has that section (at 3:56).