Polls Show Romney Is Just Too Slytherin

Romney, Malfoy—what's the difference really? And who wants THAT guy to be president?
Two recent polls, one from Bloomberg, and another from AP, give somewhat different views of what seems to be the closing of a window of opportunity on the Romney campaign. In simple terms, the American people are making up their minds about who to vote for, and many of them are deciding to keep Obama and reject Romney. Why?

For one thing, voters are not willing or maybe even able to give most of the blame for the condition of the economy to Barack Obama. In a surprising recent poll result, it turns out that more people STILL blame George W. Bush (and implicitly, the Republicans) for the economic mess than blame Barack Obama.

But more than anything, the reason that voters are willing to overlook some real problems they have with Obama is that they view him as an essentially likable person who does have the ability to understand the needs of the average American. Mitt Romney on the other hand?—seriously, he's the rich creep (think Draco Malfoy) who, with his gang of thugs, tortures little gay boys. And that's when he's not torturing dogs, enjoying firing people, or funneling vast sums of his fortune to a religion most people equate with—oh—Slytherin House.

Not exactly an appealing character, and the American people are increasingly saying Romney's just not the guy they want to be in charge of dispensing mercy and justice for the rest of us.

If that trend continues, Romney's situation may be hopeless, no matter what happens to the economy.