Deval's "De Pression"

Well, admittedly on the surface it may strike casual observers as a small thing, that being Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (D?) getting his wires crossed (accurately?) on yesterday's Meet the Press, and calling President Obama: "De Pression" instead of "the President".

But, as I noted in my article, the Freudian slip did not occur in a vacuum, but rather in the context of Patrick sounding pretty Bookerish, cozying up to Republican Governor John Kasich (a kind of failed Scott Walker) of Ohio, even agreeing with Kasich that American businesses weren't hiring because of the "uncertainty", a standard, silly Republican talking point.

Clearly, there are a lot of right-wing Democrats very "De Pressed" that Barack Obama is in campaign mode right now, and that this involves him attacking Mitt Romney's primary claim to competence in the economic arena—Bain Capital. Obama would be crazy not to attack Bain and Romney's experience there, and that has been quite clear to pretty much everybody (Democrat or Republican) who has ever run against Mitt Romney.

But, in attacking Bain, or really in attacking Romney's claims of being a job creator (instead of also being a job killer if it better turned a profit), Obama is really upsetting the DINO's—Democrats in Name Only—who are literally so invested in the elite master class of financial rulers of the USA they cannot successfully pretend to represent the working class or poorer people of America.

If the Democratic Party is merely going to be Republican Lite, then we need a house-cleaning in that party, or an abandonment of it by the people to some new, more representative alternative.

Of course, that's another, larger, critique of Patrick than what was revealed by his little slip-up of saying what he feels. The main point is that Obama needs to get his crew of surrogates on the same page as the White House, or he needs to tell them to shut up, and to get some people representing him in public who can follow instructions, or maybe ones who can ignore Bain's enticements.