Day On The Road With Mitt

You know you want to gamble $5 to win a day on the road with Mitt Romney. Just ask Seamus how great that can be! Well, you'll have to ask the Canine Spirit to ask Seamus in doggy heaven.
File this one in the "Clueless Mitt" box—which is getting pretty stuffed with files at this point—but Mitt Romney has gone and done it again.

Introducing yet another bus tour for his campaign, the "Believe in America" bus tour—I suppose Romney wants you to think Obama believes in Kenya or Indonesia instead—includes a really great incentive to donate money to Romney's campaign.

As the campaign puts it:

"We’re gearing up to take a road trip across America. Two lucky supporters will get the chance to join in all the excitement and spend a day on the road with Mitt! Donate $5 to be automatically entered for the chance to be Mitt’s special guest."

But, what does "special" mean exactly? Does it mean you get the Seamus "special" treatment? After all, what do you expect to get for a measly five bucks? The window seat, listening to Mitt regale you with tales of his job-creating successes (in China) at Bain Capital?

No way, dude! By the time you're done with your day on the road with Mitt Romney, you'll probably be nursing kittens too:

Poor Seamus. How humiliating! But that's nothing compared to a day on the road with Mitt Romney!

UPDATE: They just put this new poster up explaining "Day on the Road with Mitt"—

Now it's win a "chance" to meet Mitt.
Now you win the "chance" to meet Mitt. See what I mean? You don't actually win a meeting, just the chance he'll pull over at some point during the day, and hose you and your kennel down. What a guy!