Ryan Admits The Obvious—Republicans Are Liars

As noted in today's article, yes the Republicans feel so bold, or are so stupid, they now regularly and plainly admit the obvious—in response to their psychotic hatred of Barack Obama they will lie to the voters, and have every intention to keep lying to them, should the voters be so rude (to Republicans) as to reelect Obama.

It has always been the case that drivel-headed ninnies will tell you a divided government is better, because that way we'll get a compromise solution to our problems. Well, if that ever worked, it sure isn't working right now, and Republicans have declared their intention to make sure it never works again.

Their challenge to the nation: either do what we say or we'll start hurting you more than already.

The challenge to the voters: remove this extremist threat from power as soon as possible. We need a 100%-Democratic-Party Congress (or as close to that as possible), at least for the next four years. Not because I think Democrats are so wonderful. But because I KNOW Republicans have gone insane. And we need a government that works, not one that is spiraling towards civil war.