Romney's 'Amercia' Fiasco

If you haven't heard about this story, which kind of came and went in 48 hours—or seemingly did so—that isn't surprising. It mainly captured the interest of the intersection of the iPhone-app-nerd and political junkie sets. Of course, that's still a lot of people these days.

But what I note that we all learned from Romney's folly, is not likely anything he has learned from it. I suspect if anybody tried to explain to him what really happened, he'd probably just stare doe-eyed into the oncoming bright lights of the massively-multiplayer political world we're now living in.

As I said, the story seems to have come and gone, but the meme it generated may stick to Romney for the long haul of the campaign. If that happens, then a slow-news-day story, seemingly of interest to some subcultural denizens, may end up being very influential in November.