Romney Posters That Tell Us His Plan

That Mitt Romney. So natural, so incapable of lying to us or misleading us is Mitt, that he is a constant font of revelation about what he really thinks and feels and has planned for us.

These new posters, not yet given the official RNC or Romney Campaign stamp of approval, show you what Mitt is really talking about:

1. Dignity of Work—Mitt was quick to defend the dignity of his well-kept, super-rich wife, Ann, as a SAHM, but then pointed out that poor SAHMs just needed to dump their brats someplace (like working at a factory maybe) and go get some fucking "dignity of work", bitches. Really, he said that, or was that Ted Nugent?

Republicans have made it clear that in their view the 19th-century just had a better idea about wages, welfare, and definitely deregulation and profits. The little match girl certainly understood the dignity of work—and the value of a match too, huh! (click on image for the big pic)

2. Mitt Romney Likes You (Fired)—When Mitt needs a lifter-upper, a sign the Spirit is still with him in his work, he just gets pissed off at some schmo like you, and fires them. That way Rich Mitt can have the pleasure of knowing, in addition to the fact he's richer than almost everybody, he just made some poor, working stiff UNEMPLOYED! Now that's the guy you want on the job of making more jobs for the common folk, huh? Well, Republicans say that's the guy anyway. I guess with all those people getting fired, there will be a lot of openings for other schmoes.

When Mitt Romney likes somebody, REALLY likes them, he likes to show them just what that means to him. If he's elected president, Mitt's going to like a WHOLE LOT of Americans that way. (click on image for the big pic)