Nuke Walk—Doing and Dying Dumbly

Theirs not to reason why, theirs but to be complete fucking idiots. Yes, this a real picture. Yes, those American troops are walking into a valley of Death of a just exploded nuke—because they're following orders. That doesn't make them heroes. It just makes them stupid victims of the American war cult.
Not tho' the soldier knew
Some one had blunder'd: 
Theirs not to make reply,
Theirs not to reason why,
Theirs but to do & die,
Into the valley of Death
Rode the six hundred.

—Charge of the Light Brigade

Next time you hear some addlebrained asshole blathering about our heroic military and how the troops are protecting your rights, or worse how the troops give you your rights, by the fact they obediently follow the directives of our fearless leader nincompoops, just consider the included graphic (left) in this post.

And especially consider the video (one of numerous versions of this idiotic venture) from which it is snipped.

Once upon a time, in a little military exercise called Operation Tumbler-Snapper, part of larger series of tests in the 1950s on the effects upon soldiers of fighting in a nuclear battlefield, US soldiers in the test were ordered to endure the mid-proximity effects of a nuclear shock-wave, and then to blithely walk into the just-exploded nuke. So convinced were the idiots running the USA's military that a nuclear battlefield was the future, they just wanted to make sure the troops would be comfortable with it, by training them for this inevitability. At some point, some genius figured out this kind of training was "counterproductive". That didn't stop the USA from planning for nuclear war of course—something it still plans for.

The chief thing civilians need to take deep into their minds and intellections (if they have any of those) is that there is nothing heroic about following any stupid fucking order the idiots in charge come up with. After all, they might order you to go looking for stockpiles of WMD that don't exist—and oh by the way you can tear up a country and its people (in Iraq) while you're jerking yourself and the nation (USA) off playing stupid hero games. Or they might order you to go quench "evil" in some mountainous hellhole that NOBODY in history ever conquers for long, only to have you lose your soul shooting anything that just might maybe be guys who look just like the people WHO DID NOT ATTACK US ON 9-FUCKING-11! The guys who did attack us? Saudis, Egyptians, NOT Afghans—NOT Iraqis. And where did we find Osama bin Laden? Pakistan (our "ally").

OR—you just might end up being told to get your totally dumb ass over to that mushroom cloud over yonder so you can get used to how it feels to fight in a nuke. Breathe deep, soldier. It's quicker than cigarettes, and slower than the gas chamber.

There isn't anything heroic about any of that shit. That's why the USA is rapidly building a robot corps, AKA Terminators or Predators or whatever we want to call them, because following the orders of military morons—even when they're allegedly guided by a wise civilian leadership (since fucking when?)—is work made for killing machines, not human beings. That is why military training has always been a brutal enterprise, pulverizing the human tendencies out of the human bayonets, and making "normal" for the nation's allegedly best people, actions only suited to monsters.