Natural Selection Is A Beautiful Thing

Two things here. One, the cheetah is thinking: I really don't like my snacks petting my fucking head. And two, the woman is thinking wow, he's just like a big housecat, huh? No, he really isn't. He's licking his lips for a reason, you hopeless idiot.
Cheetahs: The dumbass is here. Time for lunch!

Seriously, the story told at that link really brightened my day. It made me feel so fucking good, just like when I heard Steve Irwin got critiqued by a stingray, and that the grizzly man and his dumb girlfriend had been been turned into twinkies by one of his "brother bears".

The only thing that upset me about the cheetah story is that some nitwit nature-haters finally intervened to stop the cheetahs from teaching their master class in natural selection.

Note that most people have remarked about how cool in action the woman's husband was (he was snapping the pictures)—making sure he turned what was happening into a well-documented last rites for his wife. Later he claimed "he did not quite realize what was happening."

True, you don't often see your wife eaten by cheetahs, but it isn't an entirely unexpected thing, you know, when you stick her in a cage with a bunch of them.

How stupid are humans? Oh, dumb enough to deny climate change and get into cheetah cages, thinking it's a tame thing to do. Fucking morons, generally.