Coming to Your City: Robots Replace You and You Die

Wallace V. Whipple has got to be feeling pretty good at this point.

In case you were still operating under the delusion that "progress" was the notion the world just keeps getting better for the likes of you, check this out:

Man vs. Machine: Will Human Workers 
Become Obsolete?

Of course people love to laugh at things like this. It sounds "alarmist". It sounds like science fiction. So did landing on the Moon once. And what if you had said back in 2006, as a few economists did say, that the game was over, man, and the whole world economy was getting ready to tank? You would have been called Chicken Little. Not so much now.

We've known this day was coming. Just as with death itself, we just spend a lot of time trying not to think about it. But ignoring the reality doesn't disintegrate the reality. It just makes us unprepared in any way to deal with it. If, as the young automation entrepreneur says in the vid "Sometime in my lifetime, there will be very little work left for humans to do", then what the hell ARE humans going to do?

Don't worry, the rich and powerful, who control the robots and the automated processes that dictate everything, will be just fine, thanks. But what about the people who, as Mitt Romney likes to say, need to experience the "dignity of work"? Oh, those people. Well, do you really think the government is going to house and feed you forever for doing nothing? And let's say they do, do you want to be THAT dependent on people (or bots) that might end up being budget-cutting Republicans?

The optimists amongst us have argued that when the robots "free" us, humanity can really and truly start flourishing. know at the things they're so good at, like war and destruction. Maybe we'll just sit around pondering big thoughts, doing art, and fucking like bunnies—or will the robots even allow that sort of frivolity? But chances are the rich and powerful are going to do what they always do—craft the means to keep their power and privilege while, if necessary, tossing everybody else overboard.

And that means, if you and your kids still want to be fed in robofuture, you'll either become pirates and brigands—or slaves. Maybe for a while, it will be cheaper (especially with Soylent Green) to feed slaves rather than have whatever it is they can still pathetically do be performed by an ever-so-much-better bot. Maybe. But I wouldn't even count on that. 

Last month was the Titanic 100th. You should really think about the symbolism of that event. Because 100 years later, you and everybody you know are locked down in steerage, as this robotic reality is getting ready to drown everybody BUT the wise, rich guys who won't even need the lifeboats to save themselves, because they're running and ramming the icebergs into the loser majority.

I know one thing—if you have kids, you had better start training them to live and think robots. Those will either be their tools, or their masters, pretty damned soon.