Billionaire Money Clarifying US Political Process

Great shot of faces of boys recognizing the perils of politics in the real world, as opposed to their ideal conception of it, in Frank Capra's Mr Smith Goes to Washington. I talk about the film's significance to our current debate and debacle.
Published this evening at examiner, a commentary about whether all this newly infected fat-cat political money is "corrupting", or actually clarifying to the political reality.

From the story:

After the already infamous outting by the New York Times last week of the anti-Obama attack-ad scheme allegedly contemplated by billionaire Joe Ricketts, pundits and even scholars were once again chanting the post-Citizens-United refrain: our political system has been corrupted by big money!

But, is that really the case?

Or, instead, has the opening of the doors of political campaigning to vast new stores of money-speech clarified the political reality that has been obvious in the USA for a long time now?