Vatican To USA Nuns—Submit To Our Authoritay!!

The Church is always trying to prevent nuns from soaring to great heights.
Seriously, do we need any more evidence that all the hierarchical structures of society, and most especially the ones dispensing versions of God, need to be rethought or really just eradicated?

The Catholic Church is not exactly a giant, ancient, all-boys club (in spite of how much they DO seem to love boys), but that is how it is run, with the women of the Church expected to submit to the authority of the male leaders. Yes, women can express their opinion—up to a point. Yes, women can wear the fancy garb and practice some (not all) the fancy rituals of the Catholic faith, just like the men do. But the men do it better, because they do it with a power the women do not possess, and which the men claim the women shall never possess because to give women equal authority in the Church will violate the will of God.

Jesus of course never said anything like that.

Paul of course certainly did, so Catholic leaders do have a scriptural basis for their attitudes—however once again it is not a basis ever articulated by the founder of the religion, and the spiritual power of the religion, Jesus Christ.

The impact of the often brutally patriarchal organization of the Church has been to sanctify bigotry and the hatred of women, which has permeated every part of Western society. From churches, to government, to universities, to corporate boardrooms, women are viewed and treated at best as "almost but not quite as good as a man". At worst, which is usually the case, women are treated as chattel.

And feminine values and characteristics, of nurturing and cooperation versus competition, are demeaned as weak and dangerous in a world that has drunk the capitalist (war-mongering) koolaid 100%. Boy rules rock. Girl rules bore. Everybody knows that—or at least they chant it like it they know it.

Women in this election cycle need to express themselves first and foremost in defense of their gender, and the collective interests of their gender. These are transcendent of politics and are only seen as weak by maniacal males (especially white American males) desperate to hang onto power against the immense waves of transformative demographic changes sweeping the globe.