Neo-Victorian Deifications (and Scams)

Well, that is the latest of these—in a phrase—Ann Romney, or what is alleged to be her style of motherhood. You are likely familiar with the surface issues of the debate. You are not likely aware of what a complete total handjob the media is performing on the people (once again).

I know most women are not as stupid as most men think they are. I know we may in fact be talking not about "most men", but only the most paleolithically-brained, the men who would if they could just whack their women on the head with a club to get on to what they view as the obvious and beneficial split in power and jobs in the real world.

The men of course come out much the better in terms of power AND jobs in that non-negotiated and non-negotiable arrangement.

Women in that view get to do what they have always gotten—deified—DEEPLY appreciated—and then dunked like doughnuts in a big happy vat of spermatozoal froth and fraud.

For thousands of years the scam has worked. For a while longer, Mitt Romney hopes, he can continue to play it to scam just the number of women he needs to get back in the presidential race against Barack Obama.