US Wargasm in Afghanistan Spurting War Crimes

A whole generation of American children has now grown up listening to how an endless stream of American-perpetrated war crimes are just the acts of "bad apples".

As I wrote today at "The number of times US generals have dismissed war crimes by American military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan by claiming those actions were perpetrated by "bad apples" is sufficient to fill up whole orchards of alleged US renegades."

The willingness of American politicians and generals to perpetuate a ghastly, long-lost, war on the Afghan and American peoples is beyond disgusting. 

It is indicative of what has become so readily apparent in other ways as well—there is a moral rot at the very heart of the American psyche, because it is that psyche and the American electorate that continually tolerates and affirms these moral imbeciles to be their fearless leaders.

No apology can make up for these disgusting acts by people who are not, as the MSM lockstep crew are telling us from their Pentagon-supplied talking points—"deranged" pieces of fruit—these US troops, whether they are lone Predator Drone pilots, or lone and so courageous slaughterers of children in their beds, are well-trained killers doing what killers do.

Yet, the IAVA thinks the important issue is that the American people are not giving war vets enough "victory" parades. And they encourage Americans to "refrain from rushing to stereotypes" about the latest atrocity. Oh no, we wouldn't want to rush to do that, would we? How about a decade-long stroll into Hellish reality instead?

Victory parades? Fuck that.

Wave those flags high in the air,
as long as it takes place over there.
—L7, Wargasm