Limbaugh's Thuggery Just Mainstream Hate In The GOP

Now seriously, if it weren't for the Nazi uniform, you'd think these two were twins, wouldn't you? Also, Rush has the special advantage for Hermann of Hell of making Göring feel a little skinnier by comparison.
It goes without saying, unless you're a true brownshirt of the GOP, that Rush Limbaugh (i.e. THE "Big, Fat, Idiot") is a mashup of Göring, Göbbels and John Wayne Gacy. Limbaugh's serial character killings know no bounds of stupidity, much less decency.

This is after all the sort of low-life creep who thinks implying or explicitly saying children (of Democratic presidents) are ugly is fair and convincing rhetoric in political speech.

It's fine to dismiss him as a clown, as absurd, as just an "entertainer". I guess the fellows who used to unleash the poison gas at Auschwitz might have thought about themselves as similarly harmless and cheery contributors to the world's betterment.

But the problem with Limbaugh is that he isn't just being absurd. He's being mainstream—in the absurdly deranged measure of that in the Republican Party (and its looney fellow travelers). For decades! Rush has commanded a huge audience in the USA for his right-wing rants, and despite the fact that, when Rush starts loosely rolling about on the Republican deck, Republican leaders dismiss his significance, Limbaugh at the same time is widely viewed as one of the top two or three most important and certainly influential conservative meme-makers.

Rush's ideas matter in the world—just as Göring's bombers mattered in the world, even if in the end his Luftwaffe was defeated.

Even now, after the collapse of Limbaugh's bravado (in the face of sponsor defections), as he has issued one of his rare pseudo-apologies, his mass of brownshirt orcs are spreading forth, trying to reassure each other that Rush is slyly beating the loathsome left by appearing to say he's sorry, and also, that the Fluke creature is one of the biggest sluts in the history of the Universe.

That foamy-mouthed crew of lunatics long ago passed the point of viewing such hate-speech as mere political posturing—they believe those views as righteously true mainly because they were authorized by the baleful brain of Rush Limbaugh.

Yes, it would be nice if we could just ignore the spiky slug, and hope he would go away. But that isn't the world we live in. Instead, we will have to take a consistently-applied critical hammer to him, and to any sponsors dumb enough to fund him.