If There Were a God, The Catholic Church Would Be Ashes

Signs we need around Catholic Churches.
As it is, the Church's devotion to evil, regarding its countless crimes against children and young people, is so perfectly and consistently written that it shames the actual Church of Satan—or it would if the Church of Satan stood for such hateful treatment of children—which it does not.

On the other hand, this is what the Catholic Church is all about.

"A young man in the care of the Roman Catholic Church in the Netherlands was surgically castrated decades ago after complaining about sexual abuse, according to new evidence that only adds to the scandal engulfing the church there...He had the courage to go to the police and was castrated [by the Church]...It is unclear, however, whether the reported castration was performed as a punishment for whistle-blowing or what was seen as a treatment for homosexuality."

Oh OK, so there's some confusion about whether the ball-cutting was to punish the young man for tempting the priests into molesting him as a child, or to punish him for evidently being homosexual.

Imagine what demonic souls castrate young men for complaining about sexual abuse, and then turn it into HIS fault for afflicting the priests with his alleged gay ways!

Oh, the sort who would have felt comfy "protecting" the Reich by gassing what they viewed as Jewish "vermin".

Or the sort who brutally slaughter girls as moral failures for tempting men into raping them.

The Catholic Church has made it quite clear that protecting the institution of Christ on Earth—i.e., from accusations its priests are monsters—is so important that making martyrs out of the children the Church has ritually and ceaselessly victimized is perfectly OK with them.

But how would God see it? 

Well, Jesus is quoted in the Bible as saying anybody who harms a child would be better off if he tied a big fucking rock around his neck and threw himself into a river.

That probably means that Jesus, alleged God of peace, intends something far worse for them—and for the Catholic Church as the biggest club of child rapists on Earth.

In more practical terms, it is difficult to see on what basis the Catholic Church can rightly be called a Christian organization. It seems to have degenerated into an international criminal organization—or to be precise, it is once again revealed to be this—no different than al-Qaeda, except in the Church's far superior ability to wreak havoc upon the true treasure and security of all nations.