Charnel Houses of Reason

The charnel houses of reason are well stocked with Catholic-Church-made skulls—many stacked there as the Church defended itself from the horrors of science and secularism.
Battle lines are being drawn for another, absurd, combat between science and reason on one side—which happens to coincide with medicine and women's health regarding contraception—and on the other side religious fanatics led into the fray by that defender of tax-free fondling of little kids, the Catholic Church.

Just now, the Times tells us Obama may be willing to "accomodate" the monsters, which means do the Obama surrender thing that he loves to call "being an adult", in other words, sucking the cock of the enemy and calling it compromise.

But as the Times points out, this coddling of the anti-science mob is unlikely to change the right-wing rhetoric:

"But administration officials also acknowledged that it would likely not mollify the Catholic bishops who have waged war against the rule or, for that matter, Congressional Republicans and candidates on the presidential campaign trail who have joined the fight."

So, why bother? Well, that way Obama gets to tell the public—hey I tried to make the Devil happy, but you know, he's a tough customer. Yes he is.

And meanwhile, as I wrote yesterday, science, doctors, the health concerns of the majority demographic in the USA, don't count for crap.

No, because the right wing has found their campaign theme—Obama is leading us to the guillotine! No, not this blog, but as Rick Santorum so crazily sounded the alarm the other day, Obama's alleged anti-religious "crushing" of poor Catholic rights in demanding that they actually properly serve a medical commitment to women's health, will lead us down the path of secularism, and that, Santorum alleges, can only end up at the French Revolution's guillotine.

So, now Barack Obama is a new version of "not really an American". He's French. Worse, he's Robespierre—instead of Benjamin Franklin (who seems to have been about as religious as Barack Obama).

The racism and pure hatred of women which forms the anciently-inspired core of modern US conservative political passion and dogma is often dismissed by people on the left as comical, and so not worthy of a thoughtful response. However, as is often the case with effective propaganda, the more outlandish and outrageous the lie, the easier it seems to be for people, who are repeatedly exposed to it, to believe it.

The Catholic Church has practiced that art for 2,000 years. They are certainly masters of it. They have certainly lent their mastery of dishonesty in support of political goals and politicians serving those. 

As I wrote earlier today:

"It is time for women to declare open and total war against the women-hating relics of the ancient world. 21st-century USA should lead the way, and totally push the religious nuts back into their hate-brewing chapels and cathedrals. Let them have all the freedom they want, locked up in those charnel houses of reason."

To do otherwise is to continue to support an intolerable assault on reason, and sound medical practice. which is designed to harm the health of American women.

The First Amendment does not empower religious fanatics to perpetrate that crime.