The Turnip Truck

Buried underneath the turnipheads and Perry, Texan culture has devolved into the worship of rednecked imbecility. Once upon a time, when raptors and LBJ walked the land, Texans actually aspired to become civilized.
I have been thinking a lot about the Republican candidates for president. It is extremely depressing to write consistently about such a crew of mediocre minds and visions. That these same jugheads are often peddling the most inane or hateful garbage is not an encouragement either.

The weekend's debates, especially the Sunday debate on Meet the Press, were just awful displays of ignorance, bigotry, class hatred of the most despicable nature—aimed at the alleged vice of being a struggling single mom in America.

STFU is really all David Gregory should have been saying throughout the debate. The applause from the New Hampshire crowd was sparse and muted, and quite a change from earlier Republican venues, stuffed with Tea Party goons booing gay service members or cheering the idea of state executions of death row inmates.

Of course when it comes to the latter feature of the American decline into barbarity, you will necessarily cast your gaze to the state of Texas, and to its prolific killer of alleged bad guys, Rick Perry. The governor Texas just can't get rid of is running for president of the United States, and has performed so ineptly, even for an Aggie, his campaign has been said to be one of the most putrid political brainfarts in the history of the nation.

If it weren't for Herman Cain, whose candidacy was always quite obviously an extremely bad joke, Perry would have been the dumbest guy on the Republican campaign trail. But Rick gave Herman a real run down into the celler of brains.

Indeed, I have to say that Texas, on the basis of its continual reaffirmation of Rick Perry, now looks to the nation like it just fell off the turnip truck. The diminution of presidential candidates from Texas mirrors the general decline of Texan culture, whose only hope is to be reinvigorated by illegal immigration until the point the anglo-idiotic bastions are overrun. 

I'm sure that's what Perry had in mind when he complained about his persistance of foolishness being comparable to the Alamo. Given Perry's level of incompetence, the problem with his analogy is that he would never have been able to capture the Alamo in the first place.