Obama promised a bunch of things, just like always, and the great thing is nobody listens to or recalls the promises anyway.
My article on this evening looks the promises President Obama made in his 2012 SOTU address last night. One of the things I discuss is how, contrary to what you're hearing from rightwing pundi-critics, Barack Obama actually did not recently co-opt the inequality issue, or the politics of resentment as Mitt Romney resentfully puts it.

In fact, in 2008, Barack Obama was arguing and promising pretty much the same things as he said last night in the 2012 SOTU. So, what that also means, is that not much got accomplished by Obama to fulfill those promises. Or at least that would be one inference from the fact the rhetoric is unchanged.

In fact, so reliable is this populist, inequality sucks, rhetoric is attacking rich pols, that Republicans have adopted it for their own attacks on each other. Newt Gingrich could be channeling Larry Summers, or hell Jesse Jackson circa 1988.

Main thing, you really don't want to be the fantastically rich job-eliminator candidate with the 13.9% effective tax rate. Not in 2012.