Romney's Free Enterprise

You see, if you have the nerve or the concern to criticize Mitt Romney's style of capitalism, then the problem must be, according to the people on the right reacting in horror to Newt Gingrich's turning of his conservative coat, that you just don't love capitalism—which in the GOP's view of things is a word synonymous with "America".

Of course Romney and the Republicans are afraid to use the "c" word—and no, we're not talking about "communism"—but that other "c" word "capitalism".

In some focus group somewhere, Republicans have figured out Americans don't actually feel all that warm and fuzzy about the word "capitalism", nor especially about the idea of a capitalist personified.

A funny thing about being rich and privileged...all the luck seems to come to you and not to the people who really need it. Probably because the rich are good people and the poor are not. 
At best, that idea is reducible to a derisive stereotype, like Rich Uncle Pennybags.
Kids in America grow up with a game, Monopoly, that almost everybody plays. It is a zero-sum game, where the idea is to bankrupt all the other players. 
Having ALL the money at the end of the game, while the other players have tickets to homelessness is what is counted as an instructional and entertaining kid's game in the USA—where government (or collective) concern for the welfare of ALL the citizens instead of just the rich ones is called "socialism"—as if that's a bad thing.
While kids are supposed to play Monopoly and learn about how things would be if people's worst motives were made the means to success, the rich grow up knowing this backwards way of thinking is just another layer or irony to the American system, which of course is based on the very principles of predatory capitalism Monopoly teaches us.

The rich kids are taught that everyone else (than their class) must be reduced in wealth, or better yet impoverished (relatively speaking anyway). Otherwise, what value is there in having more money than everybody else?

The 1% view the split on the capitalist take pretty much this way: the 1% get everything there is except the trickle-down crumbs.

And you get to have "free enterprise" using those crumbs. And what is free enterprise?

Oh just go read the "Little Match Girl". She is one of the best-known examples of what Romney means when he says there have to be losers in capitalism in order for people such as himself to thrive.