Newt's Ethics and the Men of God

Seriously, you think the Western image of God has any feminine aspect to it at all? It's the image of God as an adolescent boy, tinkering with just the right(eous) way to destroy the world (again). Speaking of adults in the room, this god is not that guy. And that's because this god is the creation of oafish, bigoted, male humans. They use it like a cudgel, or a nuke, to beat out a tattoo of hate across the globe.
Let us start with a simple, basic, proposition:

Putting men in charge of God is always a bad idea.

And that is especially true when God is just a character created by oafish men to more effectively lord it over other idiot men—and especially to better manage their second-class livestock, women.

Men do things for example like imagine, as Newt Gingrich obviously does, that "ethics" is something one makes sure other, lesser, people are beaten with, but it is certainly nothing the beater needs to bother himself with. More to the point, it is nothing Gingrich has bothered to adopt and express in any Christian fashion. Most likely Gingrich has ethics, those of any resolute megalomaniac.

At that link you will find Newt being quoted saying: "I first talked about [saving civilization] in August of 1958." Newt was fifteen, and clearly did not have any problem defining a mission for himself.

While demonizing the poor, minorities, and especially black people, pointing out their shortcoming in ethics, Gingrich has demanded that public benefits for the poor should be tied to forced labor. So enthusiastic is Gingrich for this cost-saving "reform" of welfare, he wants child labor laws modified so poor children can be hired to replace unionized school personnel.

That way, the whole operation of schools for poor kids can be conducted much more cheaply, and what expertise is currently being provided to these most vulnerable children can be eliminated, as they will increasingly be asked by goons like Newt to teach and support themselves.

And goons like Newt come in all shapes and sizes and nationalities and religions.

For example, over in Israel, what are described as "ulta-Orthodox" Jewish men assaulted a young American girl, spitting on her and abusing her with the usual manly address to women that offend their bigoted, psychotic ethics—"WHORE!!"

She is eight years old and didn't wear a fucking burka. Oh wait! She was in Israel, not Afghanistan!

But what difference does that make when idiot men are busy making sure everybody suffers according to their stupid comicbook idea of God as a lunatic child beating the crap out of "his" toys because he didn't make them right.


Yeah, I know, Barack Obama doesn't seem like a very good president.

His idea of managing the problem of state has been to plod along carefully, making absolutely sure he has been demonstrably conciliatory to the monsters on the other side, before caving in to them. He has betrayed pretty much every promise he ever made. At the same time—we're out of Iraq, and that's something. And there are other somethings that do add up to a lot more than nothing. That's another thing about Obama. He's been lousy so far at selling his accomplishments to the nation.

So, yeah, he's not the ideal president.

But, I would ask you to consider the alternatives, in this campaign and in this life. Barack Obama believes "adult" means cooperating with evil people to avoid having the roof cave in on the whole government, and presumably the whole world.

The alternative is to toss out the adult compromiser and replace him with one of the puerile evil people. In that way, the horribly right-shifted political burlesque of Washington D.C. would stop its absurd pretense of being democratic or civilized and would don the swastika and shout the Sieg Newt! openly and unashamedly and in unison.

It is a rotten choice, yes. But it is also a very clear choice. You should vote for life. You should vote against the men of God and their immoral ethics.