King of Bain—and Pain

One of the compelling, damning graphics in "King of Bain", talking about large job losses profitably inflicted by a Bain Capital takeover.
As I write about today in, the new Gingrich attack ad—really more of a suicide-bomb ad—is called "King of Bain", and it paints a picture of that King, Mitt Romney, as a happy King of Pain too. Pain unleashed profitably against thousands of workers fired by Romney's company, Bain Capital.

While Romney has for almost twenty years now tried to posture himself as a "job creator" in his various political campaigns, the new ad undermines that view, showing Romney almost gleefully talking about how people will suffer (i.e. the losers in capitalism) when a capitalist economy is thriving. Romney of course is one of the people whose privilege and riches have assured him of always being a winner—which often means inflicting losing on thousands of poor people.