US Academe's Guilt In Promoting Ruling-Class Values And Hegemony

Stupid mutt Academe begs for favors from its evil master. When the Nazis ran things, the German academy sold out to Hitler, just as the American academy has sold out to General Electric, Demonic® brand demagogues, and perpetual war.
We have heard academic professionals claim that the job of professors is to teach their subject area, and not to color their teaching with personal agendas such as politics.

"But no idea belongs in the classroom if the point of introducing it is to recruit your students for the political agenda it may be thought to imply", wrote Stanley Fish in 2006, concerning the case of Kevin Barrett.

While Barrett's ideas about 9/11 might have been questionable, this apolitical worldview professors are supposed to adopt and maintain in their classrooms is utterly cynical and hypocritical, since the politics academe always professes and supports, even when it may expose that culture to criticism, is that of the ruling class of the USA.

Anyone aspiring to degree recognition in the academic system acknowledges and shows deference to that class and its power, even if the degree-seeker's personal politics allege to critically place him apart from the political goals of the 1%.

Let us be specific:

• The academic class trains the children of the rich to inherit and exploit the spoils of inequality, i.e. those of the class war successfully waged by the rich against the vast majority of Americans.
• The academic class further trains the overseers, the technocrats and the technicians, to manage the wealth-producing—and wealth segregating—industries. Many of these workers are not rich by 1%-standards, but they are comfortably kept for their collaboration with the enemy.
• The academic class participates in the conspiracy to impoverish the working classes, which occurs  through academe requiring that poorer Americans take out exorbitant loans to obtain college degrees now needed to be a competitive cog in the job market. As with struggling homeowners, in the current economic environment particularly, many college-educated people have degrees that are "under water", and not likely to surface for air perhaps ever.

If there are members of the academic class who are troubled by this situation, who seek to distinguish themselves as supporters of the people, instead of the rich, they need to do more than speak desultorily of liberal policies and vote for Barack Obama. They need to recognize their own guilt in assisting the economic wreckage and enslavement of the people, and to start working to make amends for this betrayal.