Newt's Jobs Plan—Work Camps For Kids

Another creepy doctor with heinous ideas about children and other living things. "Goebbels earned a Ph.D. from Heidelberg University in 1921." Gingrich got his from Tulane in 1971.
As Newt Gingrich sees it, the problem with kids today is all this free edumacation they get from the strapped state. And the solution? Fire the adult school support staff, and have the kids treated like state prisoners (i.e. treated even more like that than they are now), by making them do the clean-up and maintenance jobs in public schools.

Newt explains this will give children, and particularly poor children, a proper Puritan work ethic, and understanding of how things work in capitalist (ruined) America:

Newt: "Really poor children in really poor neighborhoods have no habits of working and have nobody around them who works...They have no habit of 'I do this and you give me cash'–unless it's illegal."

So, the main virtue Newt regrets poor kids not learning, and one which he most assuredly has learned, is quid pro quo retailing of one's soul, all legal of course because his class has sanctified all manner of criminal acts (such as graft and influence peddling) which the poor are naturally disabled from committing.

As you may recall, Newt has a Ph.D.. in History, and so any opinion he offers carries the cachet of actual academic expertise—at least for peabrains impressed by bumper-sticker credentials.

Dr. Gingrich is a moral maggot. And he is the best hope the Republican fascists have for getting rid of the Kenyan Marxist.

The Republican Party is a threat to the national security of the USA. Also, and even more importantly, it is an affront to good taste. Obama should declare it so, arrest its leaders, and deport them to Alabama.