Jersey Style

This is what a lot of people think they see, when Chris Christie starts issuing threats of doing things "Jersey style", as he did yesterday in Iowa.
Today I wrote about an amusing, or maybe chilling (depending on how you want to parse it), incident in Iowa that took place when Mitt Romney let loose Chris Christie at a campaign stop.

Mitt Romney is pretty boring. Nobody seems to dispute that idea, least of all Mitt Romney. So boring and uninspiring is Mitt Romney in fact, that the Republican old school, who have turned to the former Massachusetts governor as their last best hope of keeping the party's leadership out of the hands of Newt Gingrich! or Ron Paul!! or Perry-Bachman-Santorum-Evangelical Overdrive!!! suggested to Romney he enlist a better, more engaging, GOP angel.

Now this is an angel with singed, leathery, wings, who inhabits a place in the national consciousness that is a peculiar blend of Ebenezer Scrooge and Tony Soprano. On the one hand, conservative Americans love New Jersey Republican Governor Chris Christie because he likes to say NO MORE! to people the conservatives are always accusing of getting charitable handouts posing as fair compensation, like unionized teachers and firefighters. On the other hand, Christie evokes and plays upon a perception of himself as being naturally sinister, because he has sought and obtained the governorship of New Jersey.

New Jersey is traditionally poorly thought of for no other reason than it happens to be sitting next door to one of the most cosmopolitan places in the history of the world. And, since it cannot compete with that, and seemingly has no desire to do so, New Jersey and its style has been thought somewhat comparable to that of Oakland, across the Bay from the (alleged) national treasure of San Francisco.

As for New Jersey's pugnacious, irascible, governor, assuming he really is those things instead of pretending them because it seems to be working, Mitt Romney can use all the personality and edge he can get, even if it belongs to the guy the Republican old school preferred to be the presidential nominee, instead of Romney.