In Case You Didn't Notice—The Iraq War Just Ended

In truth, this image is unfair to the Devil.
On today, I wrote a basic outline of the origin of the Iraq War, i.e. the fantasy of the neocon war pigs to fix George H. W. Bush's Gulf War mistake in not taking out Saddam. Along the way to pushing that fantasy, like war heroin into the veins of an American public anxious to kill somebody, anybody Arabic-sounding, for 9-11, Bush and his disgusting animals like Cheney and Rumsfeld and Colin Powell too, lied repeatedly to the American people.

They lied about Iraq's alleged WMD stockpiles. They lied about Iraq being in on 9/11. They lied about Saddam being in cahoots with Osama bin Laden. They lied about that fake relationship endangering Americans because Saddam might hand over a nuke or bio weapons to Osama.

They lied so endlessly and shamelessly that many American believed those lies even after Bush and his war pigs admitted they were lying.

Bottom line: thousands of people have died because of Bush's lies.

Second bottom line: Bush and his war-pig thugs still walk free, not arrested or prosecuted by war crimes tribunals.

Third bottom line: No American can begin to make amends to the world for the Iraq fiasco until the second bottom line is rectified.