Gingrich's Love For White America

My article today looks at Newt Gingrich's latest campaign video.

Here's the video:

I became intrigued with what Gingrich meant by these images. And I wrote a detailed commentary in the article. I think it cannot be a surprise to anybody who has been paying any kind of attention, but the ad is bigoted, exploitive, divisive, stupid—all those American virtues conservatives hold so dear.

Anyway, take a look at the vid and the article and keep in mind the words "revanche" and "irredentism". And understand the "lost territory" can be a mythos of lost virtue and, especially, lost domination and exclusivity.

Gingrich wants America to be blazing white once again—with the dark souls put back to work in hellish factories like the orcs Gingrich and many white Americans believe immigrants and poor people truly are.