Exceptional Inequality All Around

The two brands of corporate-owned political party in the USA
My article at examiner.com today looks at the hopelessness of voting—if your idea is that your vote will make any real change in the deplorable levels of inequality in the USA.

Both parties, wholly-owned subsidiaries of US corporations (and no doubt some foreign ones too) do whatever they can get away with for the 1%. For the American people? Oh, you know, wars to fight, depressions to suffer, futures to dwindle. That sort of benefit.

The illustration (click to get a larger image) shows the differentiating virtues of the two brands of inequality you can vote for.

Isn't having a choice empowering? Don't you pity the poor bastards in countries where they don't have your choices? Oh yeah—American exceptionalism. It's just so fucking exceptionally boring.