The new verb "to pike"—pepper spray the bastards!

Lt. John Pike's power-spray nourishes the Walmart logo.
Whether you're a nonchalant professional thug, carrying out the brutal commands of the 1% masters by chemically assaulting a bunch of peaceful students, or you're just a regular, psychopathic "competitive shopper", needing to guard her territory from the other Black Friday animals at Walmart—you'll no doubt be looking to "pike" your prey.

"Pike" means to pepper-spray the victims of your rage, your indignation, your sense of entitlement, or your professional employment of the "I was just following orders" offense. It comes from that new international star of sarcastic graphical mashups—Lt. John Pike of the UC Davis police. Lt. Pike decided over a week ago to FedX his soul to hell by performing a rather banal and standard police procedure, brutalizing fellow citizens because it's a hell of a lot of fun to spray chemical weapons into the eyes of defenseless kids and oh by the way Pike has a fucking badge and a gun if you have some objection to the SOP.

Pike's descent into his just deserts as a ridiculously versatile meme for dullwitted thuggery has revealed a new tactic of the revolution, one which is so amazingly and profoundly threatening to the powers of the 1%, they will no doubt soon outlaw photographing and distributing images on the internet of police at work crushing the people. The world-wide iconizing of Pike into an object of absurdity and derision should be practiced on all the cop-perps, and the pol-perps and the greed-perps and every stupid animal enabling the fascist regime.